A Few of Our Favorite Things

We all know that people love salsa with tortilla chips.  But did you know that salsa is now the #1 Condiment in the United States?!?!  Which can only mean, there are more things to enjoy our salsa with than chips.  Here we'll feature some of our favorite uses of Salsa Aguilar from our home!


If chips are good, tacos are better.  Pretty self explanatory here.

Eggs or Omelet

Don't limit your salsa intake to parties or dinner time.  Bust some out first thing in the morning for a tasty twist on your breakfast favorites.

Baked Salsa Chicken

Throw some salsa on your normal baked chicken meals for a kicked up version for lunch or dinner.  Top with cheese if that's your kinda thing.

Cheesy Salsa Dip

Add a half jar of our salsa (8 oz.) to half a brick of your favorite melty cheese.  Once melded together, enjoy!

Taco Salad


Take your favorite taco salad recipe ingredients and throw Salsa Aguilar over the top.  Try not to eat the whole thing in one sitting.

Chilequiles or "Migas"


Scramble your morning eggs with salsa, chorizo, shredded tortilla strips and cheese.  Cook over medium heat until blended together.  Enjoy!

Crock Pot Salsa Chicken


No time for food prep?  We've been there!  Throw some chicken in a crock pot with our salsa on low heat.  4-6 hours later, you'll be glad you did.